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Legal Representation

Experienced Law Firm Focused Upon Business Law

Business law involves a complicated process of paperwork and legalities that may protect or hinder a business. Whether it involves business formation or sale, drafting contracts or handling disputes between owners, business law is complex and requires the talent of an experienced law firm to guide the process.

At Burke, Holguin, & Smith, P.C., we handle all aspects of business law and specify the work according to Colorado’s intricate legal guidelines. With years of experience, our firm knows how to serve our clients efficiently and accurately in business formation or business disputes.

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Handling The Details

We have found that some people are in the wrong type of business entity and need to convert to other types of business entities.

At Burke, Holguin, & Smith, P.C., clients work closely with both paralegals and lawyers to help our clients setup and grow their business. Our office assists in many areas of business law, including:

  • Business formation and choice of entity — LLC, corporation, partnerships
  • Review and preparation of articles of incorporation
  • Selling/dissolution agreements between business owners (buy-sell agreements)
  • Drafting contracts or leases
  • Litigation — business collections or owner disputes
  • Securing business trademarks

We Take Our Own Advice

As a focused practice giving advice about business law, we know the importance of leading by example. At Burke, Holguin, & Smith, P.C., we follow our own advice and do the things that we recommend to our clients. One of our attorneys, Michael Burke, has earned an MBA (Master in Business Administration). Attorney William Kain (In Memoriam) has an LL.M. in tax law and an LL.M. in estate and gift taxation, and had assisted clients who had complex business and personal planning issues. All our attorneys are experienced in helping clients in business formation, and in business litigation.

Whether a client needs legal guidance through business formation or articles of incorporation, Burke, Holguin, & Smith, P.C., in Grand Junction, is available to meet business needs. Call us at 970-241-2969 to schedule an appointment.