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Date: December 15, 2023

For Immediate Release: The local, well established law firm of Kain & Burke, PC, is pleased to unveil its updated name – Burke, Holguin, & Smith, P.C. – just in time for the approaching New Year. Since this is a time of renewal, it appropriately serves as an opportunity to refresh the firm’s brand and update the community regarding its excellent attorneys, services, and staff.

Located in Grand Junction, Burke, Holguin, & Smith is a premier legal firm dedicated to offering a comprehensive array of services, including family, business, criminal, estate planning, real estate, civil litigation, and immigration services.

The name change comes after experiencing a significant loss in December of 2022 when its beloved founding partner, William H. Kain III, passed away. Bill Kain had retired in 2020 prior to his passing. A stalwart in the legal community for over four decades, Bill was the catalyst for establishing the firm’s reputation for excellence, diligence, and personalized client services beginning in 1977. His long-time partner, Michael Burke, joined him in that endeavor in early 2006, and Kain & Burke was formed on January 1, 2007. Holguin and Smith’s partnership with Kain & Burke began back in 2018, although they were associated with the firm for several years before that.

Burke emphasized, “We wish to continue to honor our late beloved friend and partner, Bill Kain; it is also important that our firm’s name reflects the contributions and dedication of our current team. We are excited for the community to know that Stephanie and Andy are already established as ethical, distinguished, expert attorneys. For many years now, they have dedicated themselves to upholding our firm’s original mission and values while providing outstanding, client-focused legal services. Bill and I were proud to be associated with Stephanie Holguin and Andy Smith. I remain so.”

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