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Understanding Complex Child Support Questions

Both parents are required by state law to support their children after a divorce. Parents who are not married must also establish some form of child support to ensure that the children are adequately cared for. You need the help of a Grand Junction child support attorney to determine the amount that you or your spouse, or the child’s other parent, will pay.

At Burke, Holguin, & Smith, P.C., we understand that you and your family are going through a difficult transition. We have compassion for your situation, and we will help you move forward with your life.

Providing Personalized Attention

You will work closely with one of our lawyers and a paralegal. We will sit down with you to discuss your children’s needs and your goals regarding child support for them. We will help you fill out the financial affidavit and the child support worksheet required by the state, and we will evaluate your spouse’s or co-parent’s income and forms. Child support payments are calculated by gross income, health care expenses and how many nights children spend with each parent. Other factors include child care costs and extraordinary expenses such as medical needs or education expenses.

We will take the information from the child support worksheets and the parenting plan and input them into the child support calculator to come up with the minimum amount that the parent with the most amount of time with the children should receive. Any adjustments to the payment can be negotiated from this number. We will help you with these negotiations, including resolving disagreements on the amount to be paid through mediation or litigation or assisting when there is a need for modification of a child support order.

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Adapting The Colorado State Child Support Guidelines To Meet Your Needs

For parents who have a child support arrangement they need to change, we will file a motion to modify the original court orders. To do this, you must be able to show a substantial change (at least a 10 percent change) in your circumstances such as losing a job or your former spouse or co-parent gaining employment or receiving a significant salary increase. We help you recalculate a proposed amount of support and present it to your former spouse or co-parent, his or her lawyer, and the courts.

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