Providing Personalized
Legal Representation


Legal services should be both the best quality possible and also within the means of the clients. For this reason, the law firm has set the rates at a reasonable and competitive level. The client always should feel that he or she has received the best legal services at a fair and honest price. After all, the practice of law is still a learned and honorable profession dedicated to helping people first.

For estate planning, and for many types of business and real estate matters, flat fees are available. Depending on the type of service or document required, the client should inquire as to the charge in advance.

For matters that do not have an associated flat fee, the firm charges hourly. Not all work is charged at the attorneys’ rates, but some is charged at the lower rate of the legal assistants. Currently, the firm is charging at the rates of $100 per hour for the legal secretary, $175 per hour for the paralegals, and $300 per hour in court $325. These rates are lower than those charged by attorneys in large metropolitan areas, and somewhat higher than less experienced lawyers in Western Colorado. Many clients feel that it is better to hire a qualified, experienced lawyer and law firm, and pay to have the work done right, rather than hiring a young and inexperienced lawyer or less competent attorney and law firm.

Personal injury auto accident cases involving extensive injuries and a negligent opposing party are often handled on a contingent fee basis. This means that the law firm is paid nothing for our time unless we win for you. (However, the client is responsible for costs.) The firm accepts as its fee a percentage of the settlement, or of the award if the matter goes to jury trial.