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Helping You Get What You Need Out Of The Division Of Your Marital Property

A couple’s assets are usually tied up in marital property, meaning the property was owned by both of them through the marriage. Dividing that property can be contentious and difficult. You need a Grand Junction property division attorney to help you determine your fair share of your marital property.

At Burke, Holguin, & Smith, P.C., we understand that you have to start over again. We will sit down with you to discuss your financial situation and your goals regarding the division of your property in your divorce. We want you to have a solid base to start from so you can rebuild your life after your divorce.

Paying Careful Attention To Your Division Of Assets Matter

We review your finances and your spouse’s finances carefully to determine what is and is not considered marital property under Colorado law. If necessary, we will help you find appraisers and business valuators who can determine the value, or increase in value during the course of the marriage, for investment portfolios, real estate, antiques and other valuables, and businesses. If you are concerned that your spouse has hidden assets from you, we will search for these assets and incorporate what we find into the full amount of the marital property to be divided.

For families where one spouse gave up a career to support the other, we work with experts to extrapolate what that person’s income would have been had he or she continued his or her career to determine what he or she is owed for that support.

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The Knowledge And Experience To Protect What Is Yours

Because of our extensive background in business law, we can help you obtain a business valuation and calculate how a divorce will affect your business. We will look for alternatives to splitting the business between you and your spouse.

We approach the division of your marital property from many angles to help you receive an equitable portion so you can survive in a “post-divorce” world.

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