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Legal Solutions Customized To Fit Your Needs

At Burke, Holguin, & Smith, P.C., we do not recommend cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we strive to find the best answer for your legal problem. You will work closely with an experienced team, including a lawyer and a paralegal. They will sit down with you to discuss your legal issue and your goals for solving it. They will guide you through the process, answering your questions and addressing any concerns you may have. Our team is with you through the life of your case.

Personal Attention Focused On Your Goals

An advantage of working with a smaller law firm is our hands-on approach. We take the time to listen to what you have to say, and we explain all of your options so you can make informed decisions as your case progresses. Our attorneys and staff know what is happening with your case, making it easier to give you an update when you call. We will respond quickly if we are unavailable at the time of your call.

To schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys in Grand Junction, Colorado, please call us at 970-241-2969 or contact us online.

In-Depth Understanding Of Your Legal Issues

Our attorneys have extensive experience in their fields. William Kain (In Memoriam) has an LL.M. in estate and gift taxation, and an LL.M. in tax law. Both of these degrees involve advanced studies, which gave Mr. Kain further insight into how best to resolve your tax or estate planning issues. In addition, he is the former District Attorney of Mesa County, a former Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, and a former Municipal Court Judge. Michael Burke has an MBA in addition to his law degree. His main focus is on business law. This in-depth understanding of how businesses run helps him adapt your situation to be in compliance with the law while helping you achieve your business goals. Stephanie Holguin spent several years as a child protective services (CPS) specialist in Arizona. She brings this understanding of how children are affected by divorce to enhance her knowledge of Colorado family law, as well as business and estate planning for families. Andrew Smith is an experienced criminal negotiator and litigator, drawing from his years of courtroom experience. He is licensed to practice in South Carolina, Colorado, Arizona, and soon he will be licensed to practice in Utah. Our attorneys work well as a team for our clients.

All of our attorneys are experienced negotiators who work diligently to bring your case to a successful resolution before resorting to litigation. If this is not possible, they are accomplished trial lawyers who will take your case before a judge and jury.


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