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What happens to your children during and after the divorce may be one of the most contentious issues between you and your spouse. If you are not married, you may be in conflict with your child’s other parent. You need a Grand Junction child custody attorney to help you and your spouse, or your child’s other parent, determine how to share parenting responsibilities and time with your children.

The Complexity Of Child Custody Cases

Child custody is now legally referred to as “parenting time and decision-making responsibilities.” When it comes to custody disputes, the state of Colorado makes all parenting time decisions in the best interests of the child. Considerations that the state takes into account are:

  • Who has been the primary caregiver up until now
  • Each parent’s living situation
  • Schools available to the children at each parent’s location
  • Any history of domestic violence or abuse
  • Any history of drug or alcohol use by either parent

We can help you determine if you need to have a child and family investigator (CFI) visit your home. This may be the case if you and your spouse or co-parent are unable to come to an agreement on parenting time. If the court orders a parental responsibility evaluation (PRE) to examine your living situation as well as how you and your children relate to each other, we can explain this process and how it will affect you. If you and your spouse or co-parent attend mediation to work out a parenting plan, we can attend the mediation session with you.

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Assisting With Your Parenting Plan

A parenting plan addresses visitation issues and outlines how much time your children will spend with each parent, including the division of birthdays and holidays, as well as how you and your spouse or co-parent will make decisions regarding your children. Our goal is to help you come up with a parenting plan to submit to the courts that gives each parent time with the children and keeps their lives as regular as possible during and after this transition.

We sit down with you to learn about you, your children and your situation. We listen to your needs and goals regarding time with your children and craft a solution based on those needs and goals. If you and your spouse or co-parent are in dispute regarding your children and cannot resolve your issues through negotiation or mediation, our accomplished trial attorneys will take your case to court.

Finding The Best Solution For You And Your Family During This Transition

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